For the Business Owner

Scale your team easily and engage talents from anywhere in the world.

For the Accountant

Streamline your company’s document flow and get access to new, convenient payment tools.

For Your Team

Just do the job you set out to do and don’t worry about the paperwork.

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Work without borders

Are you situated in London, with a prospective contractor waiting for you in Murmansk, Moscow or Madrid?
4DEV is here to let you connect and work together regardless of distance

For customers

Employ all the right specialists to solve your problems.

With 4DEV you will:

  • Avoid excessive bureaucracy;
  • Not require interaction with the migration service;
  • Will work safe from violations of labor laws;
For freelancers

Access new exciting job opportunities!

With 4DEV you will:

  • Have guaranteed payment for your work;
  • Streamline communication with your employer;
  • Not need to fill out boring questionnaires;
  • Have all the paperwork sorted out with ease;

Reliable partnership

We sign a contract with the customer. In the event of a dispute between the customer and contractor, we will study the situation accordingly and mediate the conflict. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions about the 4DEV platform.

  • For startups with less tasks and operations;
  • For big companies with multiple freelancers and daily tasks;

Sophisticated task payment system

No need for dozens of separate payments to different freelancers – just make one! The money is transferred to your account within the platform where it will remain until you transfer it to the freelancer in charge of a specific task. Once you accept a job well done, the money will be transferred to your freelance partner.

Convenient settings and control over tasks

There is no restriction on how many tasks you have or how many individual freelancers you employ. Set the deadlines yourself and always see the stage that the task is at. Time zones are not an issue – you can leave and browse comments at any time at your convenience.

  • We save your time so you can focus on your work
  • We help you make reliable connections to find the finest to do the best

We issue all the necessary documents

Document flow for both parties is fully automated with the appropriate paperwork generated immediately on each transaction. We also help freelancers with all they need to declare their income.

The six steps in 4DEV

  • 1
    Register your account.

    Just fill in the company info and confirm registration by e-mail.

  • 2
    Invite freelancers.

    We don’t limit your choice of service users. Simply send a link to your contractor by e-mail – following it is all it takes for them to start!

  • 3
    Create tasks.

    Describe the task and set a deadline. Don’t forget to set the cost as well – the indicated amount will be reserved from your account.

  • 4
    Close the task.

    The freelancer attaches a completed file to the task in question, be it a design layout, image or script for a game. If you are satisfied with it, you can accept the task and mark it closed.

  • 5
    Payment is transferred.

    Once you accept the task, the reserved amount is immediately transferred to the contractor’s account. They can then withdraw money to a card or electronic wallet.

  • 6
    Documentation is generated.

    A complete package of documents will be waiting for you and your contractors in your personal accounts on the platform.

What does it cost?

For customers

Prices start at 6% of the transaction

For freelancers


Work with all the right people

Leave the payment transfers and paperwork to us!

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